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Cancer diagnostics

Current diagnostic methods are not sufficient so ~50% of all cancers are at an advanced stage when diagnosed [1]. While when cancer is detected in its early stages, before it has spread, the 5-year survival of patients is 4 times higher than when diagnosed in later stages [2].

Cancer Epidemiology

More than 1/2 females and 1/3 males are in risk of cancer during the lifetime [3]. Importantly, The risk of cancer increases exponentially after the age of 50 [4].

What is liquid biopsy?

Dying cancer cells release DNA into the cells environment and finally to body fluids (e.g. blood, urine or saliva).

These DNA molecules, called cell-free DNA (cf-DNA) allows for early detection, monitoring response to treatment and determining prognosis of cancer.

Liquid biopsy contrary to a standard biopsy is a minimally invasive approach for extracting and utilizing cf-DNA [5-6].

Future benefits

Benefits of early cancer detection from liquid biopsy:​

  • drastically improved survival ​

  • no need for expensive treatment ​

  • testing easily accessible to entire populations ​

Proof of principle

We conducted series of experiments to proof usability of our patent-pending technology.

These experiments, performed based on data from other laboratories, as well as data generated in-house, proofed that we can not only detect cancer in blood sample but also classify the cancer type.

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